The vision behind Eyenigma is like no other. It is inspired, creative, and unique.

Eyenigma ophthalmic eyewear is designed by the artistic mind of Stephen Kapoor, an optician with over 15 years experience. Stimulated by his travels and fascination with the universe, Stephen has created a collection driven by the greatest mysteries of the world.

After launching in 2007 with only nine designs, Eyenigma made its way into showcases and trade shows around the world. Two years later, the brand has expanded to a family of twenty-one designs with customized colour schemes. The Eyenigma brand is inspired by mysteries, legends, myths, and universal phenomena. It is through Stephen’s travels to Japan, Tibet, China, India, the Middle East, and the Caribbean that he has found inspiration for each design. Eyenigma Eyewear is truly a global brand. Design themes include; The Bermuda Triangle, Camelot, Excalibur, The Lost City of Atlantis, The Great Barrier Reef, The Big Bang, The Solar System, space warp, the wings of Icarus, and even the four-leaf clover.

Both stainless steel and titanium are used to create Eyenigma frames. They also contain two coats of paint to help ensure a vibrant look and to protect against any chipping or scratching. Eyenigma prides itself on providing a unique and high-quality product. Not only does Eyenigma help improve your sight, but it also provides a creative accessory to complement your image through cut, style, and colour.

Eyenigma ophthalmic eyewear can be found in over 60 stores across Canada and the United States. It also has plans to move into Australia, Japan, and Europe in the next few years. Designer Stephen Kapoor can be found traveling the globe in search of new themes for his next collection. Picking up steam now as many celebrities have come across these frames through Stephen’s journey. His plan is to reach over 50 designs by Spring 2014 and prove that with Eyenigma the days of dull eyewear are over.


Stephen Kapoor is the founder and creative mind behind Eyenigma. Through his experience with high-end ophthalmic eyewear, Stephen developed a desire and passion to create his own designer eyewear collection.
Born and raised in Toronto, Stephen acquired his Ophthalmic Dispensing Diploma from Georgian College. He began his career in Canada working as an optician at retailers such as Karir Optical, LensCrafters, Public Optical, and Walmart Vision Centres.

After obtaining his National and State License for both Ophthalmic and Contact Lens fitting in 2000, he moved to Las Vegas to become an optician with Davante. It was at Davante where Stephen gained experience at upscale optical retailer Dolce, where he worked in the Venetian Hotel. In 2003, Stephen switched into the distribution and sales of high-end ophthalmic eyewear. It was this move that ignited his creative itch. With a developing creative mind and a passion for high-quality eyewear, Stephen launched Eyenigma in 2007.

Stephen began with nine different designs and six different colour schemes where each design represented a myth or legend. Two years later, Stephen added twelve designs and custom colour schemes to the Eyenigma family. His latest interests have moved his designs onto a universal scale finding inspiration in our Solar System, The Big Bang, nebula, The Bermuda Triangle, and antimatter.  Stephen’s passion for travel is the inspiration behind the Eyenigma designs. He’s visited many places including Japan, Tibet, China, India, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States.

When Stephen isn’t traveling he spends most of his time in his hometown where he is devoted to making Eyenigma a leading ophthalmic eyewear brand. Featured by Optical Prism Magazine as Canada’s newest eyewear designer, Stephen plans to grow the brand immensely over the next five years. He has plans to create another nine Eyenigma designs and drive the collection into Europe, Japan, and Australia. The sky is the limit for this excitingly unique eyewear brand.


Mission Statement: To provide a high-quality ophthalmic eyewear brand that complements your image with a uniquely inspired design.

Year of launch: Eyenigma launched in 2007.

About the designer:

– Toronto-born Stephen Kapoor is the creative mind behind Eyenigma.

– He is an experienced optician with over 15 years working in optical retail stores.

– He has completed his Ophthalmic Dispensing Diploma and obtained his Board Licenses for Opticianry in Ontario and the State of Nevada.

– His educational background and experience with high-end eyewear is what influenced his brand.

– Stephen’s passion for travel is what inspires the frame designs.


About the frames:

– The frames are made from titanium and stainless steel.

– They contain two layers of paint to help protect against chipping and scratching.

– There are currently twenty-one models available in various Pantone colour schemes.

– The 2009 collection features a more three-dimensional temple design.


Inspiration behind the designs:

– Eyenigma designs are inspired by mysteries, myths, legends, and universal phenomena.

– The Big Bang, The Solar System, antimatter, asteroids, nebula, space warp, and the four-leaf clover are some of the themes for 2009.